Do I have to go to Court for my Las Vegas Bankruptcy?

If you file for bankruptcy in Las Vegas, do you need to go to court?

Yes, but it is a quick and informal appearance.  Your appearance is required at the Meeting of Creditors the Bankruptcy Court schedules when we file your Bankruptcy Petition.  The Meeting usually occurs about thirty days after we file your case.  The Meeting is held by a Bankruptcy Trustee.  A Bankruptcy Trustee is an attorney appointed by the Bankruptcy Court to conduct an investigation into your bankruptcy filing.

At your Court appearance, you will be asked a handful of questions by the Bankruptcy Trustee.  The Trustee will verify your identity by requesting to see your driver’s license and Social Security card.  The Trustee will have reviewed your case and will usually begin by asking why you are filing bankruptcy.  Keep in the mind the Trustee isn’t looking for a reason to deny your bankruptcy, or embarrass you, but only to understand your situation.

The Trustee will continue with a few questions about your employment (or lack of employment) and your financial situation in general.  The Court appearance typically only takes a few minutes.  And, don’t worry, we will be right there with you to help ease your nerves and provide any guidance or clarification.