Holidays and Divorcing Families in Las Vegas

Coping with divorce and family issues over the holiday season becomes much more difficult.  You get overwhelmed by the stress, and the holidays are a constant reminder of happier times.

Here are a few tips for enjoying the holidays:

  1. Plan ahead. Be clear with your former partner how holiday time will be divided with the children.  Your Divorce Decree should be clear enough that holiday time is specific and detailed.  If you are in the process of divorcing, communicate with your former partner in the best interests of the child.  Also, planning should include scheduling activities that are stress free as possible.  Plan outings and events with family members and friends.
  2. Create new rituals and family traditions. You may not have your children on a specific holiday, create new rituals with friends.  You can also plan new rituals with your children on alternative days and times.
  3. Let your kids know that holiday celebrations will go on, but in a different way. Let your children participate in creating some new traditions for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  They will appreciate having input.
  4. Ask for help from friends and family.  Tell your support system what you need from them:  quality time, compassion, listening.
  5. Take care of yourself. Sleep, exercise, eat well.  It’s easy to overeat.  It’s easy to party too much.  In the long run, this will create more problems.  Enjoy the festive season, but don’t over do it.   Schedule time to rest and relax.
  6. Remember take it one day a time and one holiday at a time.  It gets easier.  It will get better.