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Let’s look at your financial situation together.Let’s talk about your income, your expenses, and the types of debt you have.Together, we can determine the smartest move that gets you back to a great financial position and a clean slate.

  • You’re not alone, we’ve helped many Nevadans in your situation.
  • We explain to you ALL your options so that you are completely informed and can make the wisest financial decision.
  • We review your debts together and discuss your best option for debt relief.

Bankruptcy is often the best option because it offers so many benefits.

You can stop most phone calls immediately by telling callers to “call my lawyer.”

You can also stop lawsuits from creditors, stop a pending foreclosure sale, as well as attempts to seize your bank account or property.

And if your bankruptcy is successfully “discharged,” your debt may be eliminated entirely.

Practice Areas

The Law Office Of Christine Owen practices in all types of bankruptcy law, including:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Credit Card Relief
  • Foreclosure Relief
  • Garnishment Relief
  • Medical Bill Relief
  • Repossession Relief

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Attorney Christine Owen

Prior to CallChristine.Com, I began of one of the largest law firms in Las Vegas, Nevada that helped over 30,000 people in the community with bankruptcy law, family law, criminal law, and personal injury matters. It was amazing to help so many individuals in need, and it was valuable and intense legal experience that I can put to work for you. Now, I would like to bring a more personal touch to my bankruptcy and personal injury practice.

Aggressive representation and results are important and we will always fight for your rights when you call my office, but it is also important to find a compassionate attorney who is interested in your story and helping you find a solution to your legal problems that works for YOU.

About me, I am a proud Nevadan born and raised in Las Vegas and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Go Running Rebels and Vegas Golden Knights! When I am not practicing law, I love spending time with my son, my zoo of pets at home, taking a hot yoga or cycling class, or teaching pilates.

I look forward to meeting you.

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