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Divorce, or the dissolution of your marriage, can be a contested or uncontested matter. Nevada is a no-fault divorce state. Either spouse can file for divorce for any reason.

Perhaps you and your spouse have decided together that divorce is the best decision for your family.  If you also agree how to divide your property, your debts, and how you will deal with parenting arrangements, an uncontested divorce or joint petition divorce may be the easiest way to end your union. An uncontested divorce is both affordable and quick and has the least impact on your family.

Unfortunately, we are not all able to end our marriages so easily and we may have issues that require the help of a judge to resolve.   In a contested divorce, a Family Court Judge will help with the division of assets and debts, and will provide assistance working out any child custody and child support issues. Your case begins when one spouse files a Complaint for Divorce along with a Summons in Family Court. The Family Court Judge will give each spouse their share of the assets and debts of the marriage. The Family Court Judge will also decide issues relating to child custody, visitation time, child support and possibly alimony.

There are times where a spouse may have been abandoned, moved out of the country, and is unable to locate his/his partner. In these cases, it may seem as there are no options to move on with your life and be able to remarry; however, there are solutions to move forward with a divorce.

Family situations can be emotional and difficult. Our attorneys will help you with compassion and understanding, and offer you the best advice to resolve your family problems. We will help explain the Nevada laws to you so you fully understand your rights and responsibilities.

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