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Foreclosure is more common than you think when home owners have mortgage payments they just can’t pay. You may have had a change in circumstances – medical problems, illness, changes in your marital status, loss of your job.

Have you received a notice of foreclosure in the mail or on your front door? Filing bankruptcy will stop the process immediately. If you are certain you cannot continue to make your mortgage payments any longer, but you aren’t quite ready to move, Chapter 7 can delay a foreclosure proceeding for months or longer through the “automatic stay.” The automatic stay prohibits your creditors, such as your mortgage company, from taking any creditor action against you, like a foreclosure, until the bank obtains permission from the Bankruptcy Court to resume its collection action. This will give you time to locate another home for you and your family, and not require you to move right away.

Even after the foreclosure process, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy continues to help you. Most homeowners are concerned about the remaining debt that may exist after the foreclosure. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help free you from the remaining debt that may exist from past due payments.

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