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Nevada is a great place to ride a motorcycle and offers some of the most scenic routes in the country. As a motorcyclist, you enjoy the freedom of the open road, but that freedom comes with a risk not present while riding in a car or truck. The lack of substantial protective barriers between yourself and the road, and the difficulty that other motorists may have in anticipating and seeing your motorcycle, can leave you vulnerable to serious injury or even death in the event of an accident.

A knowledgeable Nevada motorcycle accident attorney understands how serious a motorcycle accident can be. Many bikers take safety precautions to minimize their risk of being involved in an accident. However, the carelessness of other motorists can cause serious accidents even when the proper safety precautions are taken. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, we are prepared to advocate aggressively on your behalf.

Prevent accidents and injuries from motorcycle accidents

As a motorcyclist, you have little control over road hazards including other motorists, poor road conditions, and inclement weather. Road conditions caused by inclement weather or poor maintenance pose unique dangers to motorcyclists. A bump or uneven road surface that may go unnoticed in a car or truck may pose a catastrophic danger while riding a motorcycle. Riding defensively and being aware of your surroundings help to minimize your risk of being in a motorcycle accident.

In addition to obeying traffic laws and following the speed limit, wearing a helmet and other safety gear, including eye protection, gloves, and appropriate footwear, can help reduce your risk of serious injury. However, experienced motorcyclists know that it is impossible to eliminate the risks associated with riding a motorcycle.

Filing a claim

As a motorcycle rider, you must be aware of your legal rights if you are involved in a traffic accident. Whether your accident was caused by a negligent driver or poor road conditions, when you Call Christine, you will find a compassionate attorney who is interested in hearing your story and prepared to fight for your rights. If you’ve been injured in Las Vegas, Call Christine. Tell her what happened. Let her fight for you. Call (702) 986-0000 and set up a free consultation today. Same day appointments available.