Las Vegas Taxi Cab Accident Attorneys

Legal Help for Taxi Crash Injuries

The visitor’s slogan in Las Vegas is “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” Not so true if you are hurt by a taxi cab on the Las Vegas Strip. Taxis are a big part of the transportation for tourists and locals in Las Vegas.

Taxi crashes are more complicated than crashes between passenger vehicles. Taxis are subject to special insurance and liability rules as well as driver and safety regulations.

If you were injured in a taxi cab accident, you should speak with an attorney who understands Nevada and Las Vegas taxi laws and can help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries. We have many years of experience handling Nevada taxi accidents and are ready to protect your rights.

Nevada Taxi Regulations

Did you know the operation of a taxi is governed by many special state laws to protect passengers, other vehicles on the road, and pedestrians?

Some of these laws include:

  • Insurance requirements: A Nevada taxi must carry personal injury coverage of at least $250,000 and bodily injury coverage of at least $500,000.
  • Safety regulations: In Nevada, both taxi drivers and passengers are required to wear safety belts.
  • Driver regulations: Taxi drivers must obtain training certifications and undergo background checks in order to be licensed.
  • Liability rules: Nevada taxi companies are held to the “utmost care” standard for ensuring passenger safety. This is a higher standard of care than the “reasonable” standard that applies to typical drivers.

Liability for a Taxi Accident

Accidents involving a taxi cab are more complicated than crashes between two passenger vehicles. Whether you are a passenger in a taxi cab who is injured when the cab crashes, or a taxi cab hits your vehicle and injures you, the following parties may be responsible:

  • Taxi driver: Was the taxi cab driver negligent or reckless? Was he driving too fast? Did he text while he was driving?
  • Taxi company:Did the cab company screen the driver properly? Was the taxi cab properly maintained?
  • Passenger vehicle driver: Did another driver hit the taxi cab you were driving in?

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