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Home is Nevada.And Nevada is home to Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe.Both beautiful ways to escape the hot Nevada summers.Unfortunately, a negligent or reckless boater can put the health and lives of everyone on the water at risk.

If you are injured in an accident caused by another boater, you need skilled legal help. When you Call Christine, we have the experience and knowledge you require when you or a loved one gets hurt on the water – whether you were riding a jet ski, sailing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, or cruising in a boat.

We know how to help victims of accidents caused by issues of recklessness, carelessness, and negligence such as the following:

  • Novice boaters: New boaters are often very inexperienced and do not have the training to protect their safety and the safety of others.They may not understand how to deal with changing weather conditions, heavy windows, or handle their boat cautiously and responsibly.
  • Drunk boaters: Unfortunately, people drink and drive on the water, too. BUI (Boating Under the Influence) incidents cause many injuries and deaths each year. Drunk drivers can speed or drive recklessly, resulting in a Nevada drowning accident.
  • An unseaworthy vessel: Every boat owner has the responsibility to maintain his or her vessel. If boats are not appropriately maintained and inspected on a regular basis, they can become unpredictable and dangerous.

Nevada boating safety tips

Enjoy your time on Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe.Please keep these safety tips in mind when boating in Nevada:

  • Take a boating course: If you were born after 1983 and are operating a vessel over 15 horsepower, it’s required by law in Nevada that you take and pass a boating education course. Realistically, though, anyone piloting a boat should have appropriate training or they will put themselves and others at risk.
  • Always wear a life jacket: It’s essential that you have enough life jackets for every passenger on your boat. Under Nevada boating law, children under the age of 13 must wear life jackets at all times.
  • Keep aware of your surroundings: One key to staying safe on the water is awareness. Keep an eye on weather conditions and avoid any other vessels moving erratically.
    Drive from port to port: Always keep the port, or left side of your boat, to that of an approaching vehicle.
  • Blow an air horn: An air horn enables you to signal other boaters about your presence and thus prevent accidents.

Highly qualified boat accident attorneys in Las Vegas

When you Call Christine, it’s our top priority to protect your best interests and obtain the compensation you deserve when you suffer injury caused by someone else. To speak to an experienced boating accident lawyer, contact us online today or Call Christine at 702-986-0000.