We believe you should always know what your lawyer is going to cost you up front. No hidden fees. No hidden costs. Easy to read and understand agreements.

It is simple and easy when you Call Christine!

We start your case for $0 Down. Yes, nothing down! In your free consultation with our experienced attorneys, we will also arrange an easy payment plan that fits your budget and your situation.


Our bankruptcy charges are very simple!

Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases start at $800.00 plus Court costs of $335.00. We do ask that you pay your total legal fees before filing your case. Many of our competitors are offering to file your case for $0 and, after your bankruptcy is completely finished, you can make monthly payments for a year of about $185.00 a month. When you Call Christine, we want you to finish your bankruptcy debt-free, not with a new debt of over $2,000.00.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be filed with $500.00 plus Court costs of $310.00, and we collect the remainder of our fee in your Chapter 13 plan and we are paid with your other creditors.


In our family law cases, we believe in “pay as you go.” In your free consultation, we will review with you all the steps that are needed and you will be given a list of our fees and costs that you will incur along the way. This gives you a chance to look ahead at any expenses coming up and plan for the next step in your case. Don’t worry, the $0 down and easy payment plan works here too!


This is the best fee of all. Guess what? There is NO fee in a personal injury case unless we win your case! The State Bar of Nevada requires me to tell you though that, if we are unable to win your case, you may be responsible for opposing party’s fees and costs. If we are ever approaching this type of situation, we will always discuss it with you before moving forward.

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