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Stop creditor phone calls and eliminate debt

Would you like to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about how you can immediately stop harassing phone calls and eliminate debt?

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Our goal is to look at your financial situation and determine the smartest move that gets you back to a great financial position.

  • You’re not alone, we’ve helped many Nevadans in your situation.
  • We explain to you ALL your options so that you are completely informed and can make the wisest financial decision
  • We go over your financial situation with you, including your income, expenses, and different types of debt, and discuss your best option for debt relief

Bankruptcy is often the best option because it offers so many benefits.

You can stop most phone calls immediately by telling callers to “call my lawyer.”

You can also stop lawsuits from creditors, stop foreclosures, and stop the creditors’ attempts to seize your bank account or property.

And if your bankruptcy is successfully “discharged,” your debt may be eliminated entirely.

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