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How many times have you been driving on the freeway to be nearly hit by a large truck carelessly merging into your lane? We see large trucks on our freeways every day. They are a necessity to deliver food and other products to our stores and to haul equipment and other freight.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, you need an attorney who has experience handling truck accidents and can use their knowledge of the law to fight for maximum compensation for your injuries, which are often severe in truck accidents.

The Dangers of Truck Accidents

The size discrepancy between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles make people extremely vulnerable in the event of a crash or accident. A typical tractor trailer weighs 20 – 30 times as much as a passenger vehicle and takes 20 – 40 percent farther than cars to stop. Cars can also underride trucks due to their height and ground clearance.

When passenger vehicles and large trucks collide, the occupants of smaller vehicles are around 3 times more likely to be injured and 5 times more likely to be fatally injured than the people in the truck.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Although truck drivers are specially trained and typically drive well over 100,000 miles per year, driver error is still the leading cause of accidents for which truckers are assigned blame. Research shows that truckers are to blame for about half of truck accidents. Leading truck driver-related crash causes include:

  • Driving out of the travel lane or off the road
  • Vehicle loss of control
  • Running into the rear end of another vehicle
  • Impaired or fatigued driver
  • The driver was inattentive or distracted
  • The driver made a poor decision, such as driving too fast for the conditions or following too close
  • The driver made a performance error, such as panicking or overcompensating

Even when a trucker’s driving is not to blame for an accident, factors associated with the truck—including poor maintenance, equipment failure, and improper cargo loading—can lead to a crash. While a truck driver can be liable for a poorly maintained vehicle, other parties may bear responsibility for vehicle problems as well. They include the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, the company that sold the truck, and mechanics.

Not only drivers and vehicles, but also trucking companies are subject to dozens of federal and state regulations. For example, drivers can only drive a certain number of hours per day, vehicles must be regularly inspected for potential problems, and companies must rigorously screen their drivers for red flags.

That’s why you need a lawyer who understands the many regulations that govern trucking and can identify compliance issues that may have contributed to an accident.

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